【Noto Earthquake】2nd Report(as of January 25)

It will soon be one month since the disaster.

Search and recovery efforts are currently underway in the affected areas amidst snow and severe cold.

During this period, we have received donations from many people from all over Japan and abroad.

We would like to inform you of the current situation in the affected areas as well as the support provided by our team during this period.

Summary of damage in Ishikawa Prefecture


Dead233 people(15 disaster-related fatalities)
Missing19 people
Injured1175 people
Evacuees15,133 people
Water Outageabout 45,380 houses
Power Outageabout 4,400 houses

Damage is everywhere: roads, homes, cars, and facilities.

  • Cannot bathe as much as people would like due to water cutoff
  • Cannot live with pets in shelters
  • The snow melting equipment is broken, so all snow is removed by hand
  • There has been a string of thefts and burglaries.
  • Infectious diseases are spreading in the evacuation centers…etc.

In the face of these difficulties, hotels, lodging facilities, and municipal housing in and outside of Ishikawa Prefecture are accepting evacuees as secondary evacuation centers as part of reconstruction assistance. In addition, public bathhouses, supermarkets, post offices, and other services essential to daily life in the affected areas have gradually resumed their activities. And people seem to be working toward reconstruction by supporting and encouraging each other, saying "for the sake of the local people."

We pray for a speedy recovery.

Warm messages from Supporters have also been received!👇


Total Donation (Japan/U.S./South Korea)
about ¥842,000

*This is the amount of donations received during the first donation period (1/5 - 1/18).
Thank you very much for your support!

On Sunday, January 21, our staffs visited the affected areas in Kanazawa and Nanao cities in Ishikawa Prefecture to conduct on-site surveys and provide support.

AAR Japan「難民を助ける会」

Photos:AAR Japan[難民を助ける会]


Specially Designated Assistance (特別指定支援) was provided by supporters to specially designated victimized families

Current support status at this time:Total about ¥460,000(Including the cost of visiting the affected areas)

We plan to dispatch volunteers directly to the area to help with debris removal, cleanup, and other volunteer activities. Details will be announced at a later date.

We continues to raise funds to support the affected areas.

Hosts:NPO法人WisH、Global Peace Women、Sunshine Family Volunteers